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How it began... 

This is where we are...The crown on our heads have been paid for, so put it on and wear it well with much pride. These are your People. Your kin, "Ivery". Those have paved the way. Keep on keeping on family.

Five of the children came to live in the middle Georgia area. They were Proffitt Ivery, John Ivery, Abe Ivery, Bessie I. Goodloe, and Ike Ivery. Realizing the importance of family, it was placed upon the hearts of a few of the grandchildren to reunite the children of Ike Ivery.

The first gathering took place in Macon/Warner Robins, Georgia in 1974. It was a huge success! Eight of the children were present. For the next ten years, the Ike Ivery descendants combined with another established family reunion, The Family Affair, with hopes of reuniting the family.

Persons involved and responsible were Lula Reid and Rosalee Tukes. It was scheduled for Warner Robins, GA for July 5, 6, and 7th 1974 at the farm of Abe Ivery. Due to the response from some of the family, activities were held at Jerusalem Baptist Church and the family stayed in Warner Robins two days.

In 1975, a gathering was hosted by Juanita in Birmingham, AL. A marker for the gravesite of Ike Ivery was suggested and Lula Reid and Rosalee Tukes were responsible. The services for dedication of marker was held at Mt. Coney Baptist Church in Midway, Al. The family stayed at a hotel in Montgomery, AL and traveled to the church for activities.

In 1984 while attending the Family Affair reunion in Trenton, New Jersey, several Ivery family members asked Rosie L. Tukes, a grandchild of Ike Ivery, to work on an Ivery Family Reunion.

Rosie Tukes was born in Midway, Alabama and came to live with her mother, Bessie Ivery Goodloe, in Houston County, Georgia in 1942. She later moved to Macon, Georgia and lived there until her death in 1990.

During the summer of 1985 several Ivery children met together in Macon, Georgia. This was the site of the very first Ivery Family Reunion meeting. Family members who were present at the meeting were: 

Rosie Tukes
Bessie Goodloe (daughter)
Walter Ivery (son)
Robert Ivery (son)
James Goodloe
Alvin & Rose Goodloe
Lula Reid
Charlie Nobles
Nathaniel Reid
Sabrina Foster
Ruth McHugh
Jimmie & Janet Tukes, Jr.
Vanessa Tukes
Annie B. Tyler
Hattie Bell
Kenny Breeze
William & Regina Sankey
Robert Goodloe

Plans were made to have an Ivery Family gathering in Montgomery, Alabama on July 4, 1986.

In 1986 the second gathering of the Ivery family members took place in Montgomery, Alabama and was hosted by William Sankey. The first national officers were elected:

The first Ivery Family Reunion took place in Montgomery, Alabama on July 10-11, 1987. It was decided that an Ivery Family Reunion would take place every other year. Since then the reunion years and hosting cities follows.

Reunion Hosting Cities

1974 - Present
Hosting City
Cincinnati, OH
Stan Foster
Warner Robins, GA
Family Gathering
Beaufort, SC
Cancelled due Covid pandemic
Pocono Mountains, PA
Rose Felder
Orlando, FL
Veronica Sellers Watson
Pittsburgh, PA
Shirley M Scott
Virginia Beach, VA
Yolanda Scroggins
Cincinnati, OH
Stan Foster
Atlanta, GA
Victoria Nobles Pearson
Philadelphia, PA
Kevin Ivery
Birmingham, AL
Howard & Ruth Taylor
Cincinnati, OH
Clayton Neel
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Veronica Watson
Trenton, NJ
Gladys Washington
Macon, GA
Jimmie Tukes, Jr.
Coraopolis, PA
Ada Jones
Eufaula, Al
Nettie Robbins
Clearwater, FL
Kenny Breeze and Alvin Goodloe
Cleveland, OH
Robert & Jean Sellers and Marion Smith
Montgomery, AL
William Sankey
Macon, GA
Family Gathering
Trenton, NJ
Family Gathering
Birmingham, AL
Family Gathering
Macon/Warner Robins, GA
Family Gathering

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